February 2011
Welcome to the the first edition of the quarterly HHA e-bulletin for 2011.
Revised hand hygiene compliance data submission dates for periods 2 & 3
Period 2 & 3 data submission dates have been changed to coincide with end of month reporting, see new dates below: 
 Period 1 - 18th March, 2011
 Period 2 – 30th June, 2011
 Period 3 – 31st October, 2011 
Note data collection period starts now for the March 18th submission for those collecting over a 6-8 week period, contact your jurisdictional coordinator or HHA if you have any concerns or need assistance with HHCAPP.
Gold Standard Auditor (GSA) Forums
NSW: Tweed Hospital - 18th February 2011
NSW: Sydney Hospital & Sydney Eye Hospital - 15th March 2011
NSW: Sydney Adventist Hospital - 16th March 2011
VIC: Gippsland Region, TBA
Annual Auditor Validation
The annual auditor validation process has now commenced. This process now requires all auditors to annually collect a minimum of 100 moments and complete the auditor online learning package (OLP).
To view the full auditor validation process document follow this link: http://www.hha.org.au/UserFiles/file/WorkshopResources/AuditorValidation.pdf
To complete the auditor OLP follow this link:  
HHCApp enhancements 
The improvements to HHCApp continue.  One which will please many is the inclusion of a row number when entering the data manually.  Hopefully this will make it easier to workout where you were up to when you get distracted.
We have had a couple of phone calls from people wondering why there wasn’t an audit name for them to select from when they went to enter data.  Each period the organisation administrator needs to add the currently active NHHI audit to their organisation (NHHI Audit One, 2011).  This is effectively telling us that “Yes, we are participating” and allows the Jurisdiction Coordinators to keep track of peoples progress.
Collect compliance data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
More exciting news is the release of a mobile version of HCCApp for use with smart phones & other mobile web browsing devices. It has been initially designed to work using the Safari web browser on Apple devices, such as wireless enabled iPhones, iPads or iPod Touches.  We are working with the developers to try and expand the list of compatible devices in the next few months. This mobile audit tool will provide a seamless means of electronically collecting data which will be automatically uploaded straight into HHCApp. You can try it out by browsing to www.hha.org.au/hhmobile/ on your mobile device.  Instructions are available on our website at  http://www.hha.org.au/HHComplianceSystem.aspx. If you would like more information on any of the above mobile devices please contact Kel Heard by email: Kelvin.Heard@austin.org.au
Follow HHA on Facebook or Twitter
We have now created a HHA Facebook & Twitter accounts which can provide another means of keeping you in touch with the National Hand Hygiene Initiative. To follow HHA please click on one or both of the symbols below:
Become a fan on Facebook Visit http://twitter.com/HandHygieneAus 
Enhanced educational DVD still available
Copies of the 5 Moments DVD with an enhanced 10 minute narrative presentation explaining the 5 moments*, are still available by ordering online at this link:  http://www.hha.org.au/ForHealthcareWorkers/dvd-order-form.aspx *Note this file can also be viewed via the website at any computer with access to the internet. 
Gender based hand hygiene behaviour study
Would your organisation be interested in being involved in a study to investigate the role of gender in health care workers hand hygiene behaviour. Essentially all it will require is an extra gender box ticked during the normal compliance auditing using a slightly modified audit collection sheet (paper based audit tools only). If you are interested and would like more information please follow this link: http://www.hha.org.au/ForHealthcareWorkers/gender-study.aspx or contact Paul Simpson by email: paul.simpson@austin.org.au 
Do you have a success story that you would like to share with others? 
St John of God Murdoch Hospital published an article in the Hospital & Aged Care Magazine, October 2010. The article highlighted the strategies implemented to promote the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene program significantly increase hand hygiene awareness and improving compliance rates. To read the full article please follow this link: http://www.hha.org.au/UserFiles/file/Newsletters/SJOGMurdoch.pdf
If you have had success in increasing your hand hygiene compliance rates, and would be willing to share with others how you managed to do so, please send us your story. Please contact us at hha@austin.org.au and we look forward to hearing from you. 
WHO - SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands 5 May 2011 (link below):
Articles of interest:
Yeung, Wing K.M., B.M.P. Wai San Wilson Tam, and Tze W.M. Wong. Clustered Randomized Controlled Trial of a Hand Hygiene Intervention Involving PocketSized Containers of AlcoholBased Hand Rub for the Control of Infections in LongTerm Care Facilities. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, 2011. 32(1): p. 67-76.
 Mayer JMD, et al. Dissemination and Sustainability of a HospitalWide Hand Hygiene Program Emphasizing Positive Reinforcement,Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, 2011. 32(1): p. 59-66.
Access both abstract via this link: http://www.hha.org.au/ForHealthcareWorkers/e-bulletin/aseahhc.aspx 
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