Exclusive Moments

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In response to a educational and promotional campaign run by Lorna Zachar Infection Control Co-ordinator Ramsey Health WA

Lorna constantly brings to our attention
The important message of cross infection
Her standards are high, she expects perfection
If we dont get it right she’ll bring in detention
She does her best to make us aware
That germs and bugs are everywhere
But some of the staff don’t seem to care
That germs are something you DO NOT share!
She works so hard to get the message across
Some staff and students think she's the boss
If we keep cross infecting it'll be Hollywood’s loss
And the good name we have will lose its gloss
So lets pull together and do what’s right
Give those germs one hell of a fright
Keep the five moments within your sight
And Hollywood’s future will be nice and bright
GOOD               BETTER              BEST
(soap and water)  (Antimicrobial)  (alcohol based)
Never let it rest
Till your good is better
and your better is best.

By Trish MacDermid (Gordon Ward) 
Hollywood Private Hospital in Western Australia


Pittet Visits Australia

The Melbourne Infectious Diseases Group (MIDG) recently hosted Didier Pittet as the 2009 Forbes Fellow.  Pittet took time out of his busy schedule to visit the Hand Hygiene Australia office to pass on some of his Hand Hygiene wisdom.

 Prof Didier Pittet

 Prof Pittet meeting the HHA team
(L-R) Mr Phil Russo, Prof M Lindsay Grayson, Prof Didier Pittet, Ms Kate Ryan, Ms Kaye Bellis


5 Moments Video wmv format (large file 48.1mb)