Information Brochures 

Hand Hygiene Information Brochure - Acute reviewed June 2011
Hand Hygiene Information Brochure - Non Acute reviewed August 2011
Hand Hygiene Information Brochure - Child Care reviewed June 2012

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Aussie 5 Moments Screen Saver

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These posters are available to be printed off and used at your facility.  Simply click on a poster and then click the printer icon on the menu.

Poster sizes are generally A3.  If printing to A4, check that the Page Scaling option in the printer settings is set to "Shrink to Printable Area".

HHA 5 Moments Poster

    Client Version 

WHO Posters (A3)

WHO - How to Handrub WHO - How to Handwash
 Combined how to handrub and handwash

'Based on the 'How to Handwash', URL:, and 'How to Handrub', URL: © World Health Organization 2009. All rights reserved.

Posters from Novant Health's Washing Hands Saves Lives campaign

She had 3 million visitors today. Most were deadly germs You could kill him with your bare hands


A Poster from North Sydney Central Coast Health



Posters from Royal Children's & Royal Women's Hospitals

More posters from the Royal Children's Hospital can be found HERE



Poster from Liverpool Hospital, NSW