What are HHA Hand Hygiene Workshops?

HHA Hand Hygiene Workshops are designed to teach participants how to audit Hand Hygiene Compliance using the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene audit tool.

The Workshops also provide education to participants on implementing a Hand Hygiene program at a healthcare facility, and Hand Hygiene education for healthcare workers.  

Who should Attend a Workshop?

Careful thought and planning needs to be put into choosing the right person to attend a workshop.  They will usually become the person who conducts the HHC audits. The appropriate person will vary between facilities. Points to consider include:

  • Have a background as a clinical health professional
  • Availability to attend HHA Auditor training
  • Have time available to conduct audits
  • Have a good understanding of auditing/feedback/education processes
  • Acknowledge and understand safety and privacy concerns of patients and staff
  • Have the ability to provide immediate feedback to staff for good hand hygiene practices, and correct unacceptable performance
  • Auditors from a variety of health professions could promote widespread acceptance/ownership/participation in activities to improve hand hygiene within their area.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for Gold Standard Auditors pdf (reviewed June 2011)

Workshop Online Booking Form

Workshop Costs

There are no costs to attend a HHA workshop. 


Upcoming Workshop Dates 2018:

  • 6-7th February 2018 - The Canberra Hospital - COMPLETED
NSW Private Organisations:
  • 5-6th March 2018 - North Shore Private - COMPLETED
  • 21-22nd May 2018 - St Vincent's Private - FULL
  • 20-21st August 2018 - Sydney Adventist Hospital - FULL

Due to demand HHA will be investigating hosting a further workshop in NSW in 2018. Please register for the waitlist and we will be in touch once we are able to secure a venue and dates.

  • 17-18th May 2018 - Darwin Hospital
  • 13-14th March 2018 - Brisbane - COMPLETED
  • 7-8th June 2018 - Brisbane - FULL
  • 18-19th September 2018 - Brisbane
SA Private Organisations:
  • 18-19th June 2018 - Calvary North Adelaide - FULL
  • 30th April - 1st May 2018 - Royal Hobart Hospital - FULL
  • Public organisations - 6-7th February 2018 - Benalla Health - COMPLETED
  • Private organisations -19-20th February 2018 - Austin Hospital - COMPLETED
  • Public organisations - 21-22nd February 2018 - Alfred Hospital - COMPLETED
  • Public organisations - 22-23rd May 2018 - Ballarat Base Hospital - FULL
  • Public organisations - 14-15th August 2018 - Northern Health
  • Private Organisations - 26-27th September 2018 - Hollywood Private Hospital