Hand Hygiene Australia (HHA) welcomes you to the HHA website, and to the HHA hand hygiene compliance application - HHCApp!

HHA, one of the most active national hand hygiene campaigns, have developed an online web based application for hand hygiene compliance monitoring, consistent with the WHO hand hygiene observation method. HHCApp has greatly assisted in the management and reporting of hand hygiene compliance data and is currently used by over 600 hospitals in Australia, and 40 hospitals in New Zealand. 

HHA has kindly agreed to make HHCApp freely available for use by other national campaigns or healthcare facilities. This webpage has been specifically set up for non-Australian/New Zealand hospitals who wish to freely access and use the data collection and reporting tools developed by HHA.

In the context of activities for 5 May 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands http://www.who.int/gpsc/5may/en/ initiative strongly encourages countries and individual healthcare settings to use the HHCApp and participate in the international data collection project launched by HHA.

HHCApp is accessible via any mobile device (Smart-phone, iPads, tablet etc.) with web browsers, or on desktop computers with internet browsers (IE 7 and above, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari). 

When mobile devices are used, hand hygiene compliance data collected through direct observation according to the WHO “My 5 Moments” concept, can be entered in ‘real’ time and uploaded to the secure database. The data is stored securely off site, is backed up daily, and meets all Australian health data storage requirements. Hospitals can also choose to store data in a de-identified manner. Multiple secure levels of access can be enabled through the use of a personal log in and password. Data is stored in a confidential manner and can only be accessed by those with appropriate rights (e.g. a hospital administrator can access their own data, a state or regional administrator can access data from all participating hospitals within the region, and a national coordinator can access data from all participating hospitals in the country).

Hand hygiene compliance reports can be generated with a number of filters including date range, Moment, healthcare worker type and ward. Data can also be exported out into common spreadsheet applications (e.g. MS Excel).

To enable you to use HHCApp, you need to be provided with a Login and Password. To obtain these, please email hha@austin.org.au

Once you have received your Login and Password you will be able to commence using HHCApp for data collection and reporting. 

If you have any queries about HHCApp, please email hha@austin.org.au