If you are interested

If you are interested in participating please take the time to read the participant information form (PIF) here. You are encouraged to print or save a copy of this for your records.
Once you have read and understood the PIF, please fill in your details on this form and attach the completed form to an email to colourgrid.hha@flinders.edu.au or fax to (03) 9496 6677
A link to commence the questionnaire will then be sent to your nominated email address in the next 1-2 days. It will arrive from the company that runs ColourGrid - Clutch Pty Ltd with the subject ‘HHA ColourGrid research’. 
By providing us with your details and following the link to the questionnaire, you are telling us that you have read and understand our PIF and consent to participation in this study.
If you would like further information or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us on the email address above or at the Flinders Medical Centre Infectious Diseases Department on (08) 8204 4720
ColourGrid® Intellectual Property Holdings Pty Ltd, Author Colin Benjamin

This study has been approved by the SAC Human Research Ethics committee – HREC Ref Number:  260.14