HHA and Dental/Oral Health

Oral Health/Dental Services – Participation in the NHHI

The 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene Program has been designed for ALL healthcare facilities. Product placement, staff education and program promotion are relevant in all healthcare settings including Oral Health/Dental services and hospitals. In contrast, careful consideration should be given to the appropriate approach to auditing in Oral Health/Dental services.

The ACSQHC Standard 3 Safety and Quality Improvement Guide (SQIG) clearly identifies that it may not be appropriate for HHC auditing to be undertaken in some settings and small organisations. HHA recommend the use of other program evaluation tools within these areas. These might include: staff HH knowledge surveys, HH technique audits, product placement/availability audits, and reports of OLP completion by staff. All are available on the HHA website under the heading of Additional Audit Tools www.hha.org.au/ForHealthcareWorkers/auditing.aspx

All facilities should be aware of their jurisdictional, licensing or parent organisation requirements when planning outcome/process measures of their HH program.

Some dental services may decide – on the basis of an appropriate risk assessment – to undertake hand hygiene auditing by direct observation in addition to (or instead of) using program evaluation tools. Recognising that the auditing methodology developed for acute hospitals may not be applicable to the dental setting, the information below is designed to provide guidance to such services.


 Guidelines for Dental Facilities 

HHCApp for Dental


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