Guidelines for Dental Facilities

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The NSQHC Standard 3 Safety and Quality Improvement Guide (SQIG) clearly identifies that it may not be appropriate for HHC auditing to be undertaken in some settings and small organisations. HHA recommend the use of other program evaluation tools within these areas. These might include: staff HH knowledge surveys, HH technique audits, product placement/availability audits, and reports of OLP completion by staff. All are available on the HHA website under the heading of Additional Audit Tools



Where sites deem hand hygiene auditing to be appropriate the following information provides guidance regarding the collection of representative hand hygiene compliance data by solo, group and hospital based dental services as part of the National Hand Hygiene Initiative.

Dental service description:

Peer Group
Solo practice, solo practitioner or very small oral health service
An Oral Health/Dental practice with a single dentist or an oral health service with a single dental chair/surgery
Small oral health service/dental practice
Oral Health/Dental practice with a total of 2 - 5 dental chairs/surgeries in one or more locations
Medium sized oral health service/dental practice
Oral health/Dental practice with between 6 and 10 dental chairs/surgeries in one or more locations
Large oral health service/ dental hospital
Any dental oral health services/dental hospitals with more than 10 dental chairs/surgeries in one or more locations

Suggested Target Number of Moments for Oral Health/Dental Services:

Peer group
Recommended number of HH audits per year
Recommended number of HH observations per facility per audit
Solo practice
HHC Auditing not appropriate
Large/Dental Hospital


Facility Hand Hygiene Project Coordinator to determine facility size, according to peer grouping guidelines above. If a dental service makes the decision to perform hand hygiene compliance auditing by direct observation, the target number of moments to be collected in provided in the table above, dependant on facility size. Collection of target number of moments will be comparable to oral health services of the same peer grouping. Compliance data is to be collected and submitted as per Hand Hygiene Australia website/manual.