HHCApp and Dental

Health Care Worker Codes for Oral Health:

Due to the different HCW groups that exist in the oral health setting and the existence of unregistered HCWs, the following HCW codes should be used:
DO – Dentist, Specialist dentists
DT – Dental therapists, dental hygienist, dental prosthetist and oral health therapists
DA – Dental Assistant/Dental Nurse
DL – Dental Technicians/Laboratory staff (no patient contact)
All other codes remain the same as the National Codes
PC – Personal Care staff
AC –Administrative and clerical staff
0 – Other
N – Nurse
S – Student in front of any code

Department Type

Please ensure that all departments created in HHCApp for Dental facilities have the 'ward type' as Dental

Audit Tools


Audit Form (pdf)

reviewed June 2011

Coding Sheet (pdf)

new file Sept 2015

The Rules (pdf)

reviewed Sept 2013