World Hand Hygiene Day 2011  

As part of the 5th May campaign this year, the World Health Organisation are inviting all healthcare facilities to participate in their Global Survey Project by completing  the WHO online Self Assessment Framework tool. The main objective of the Global Survey Project is to gather a global picture of progress regarding hand hygiene and to estimate how much the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands global campaign promotes actions taken by healthcare facilities. Some of you may have already completed a modified version of this survey, but we would invite you to complete this global version to assist WHO. By submitting the data in this survey, you will be able to automatically calculate your score and will contribute to the global survey. Please follow this link to access Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework.



Pictures from the 5th of May



And finally,  a reminder why handhygiene in healthcare is so important!

  • At any one time over 1.4 million people worldwide are affected by healthcare associated infections (HAI)
  • The risk in developing countries is 2-20 times higher than in developed countries.
  • Globally, there are about 59 million healthcare workers = 100 million hands treating and touching patients, up to 15 times a day.
  • These hands can be the mediators of harmful microbes; each touch putting patients lives at risk.