Business Certification

The purpose of this “Business Certification” certificate is to enable an organisation/business to demonstrate that all employees have successfully completed the Hand Hygiene Australia “COVID Work Safe-and-Clean” training program.

By downloading this document the person doing so is honestly and truthfully stating by their actions that they have verified that all employees in the specified organisation/business have been certified in the Hand Hygiene Australia “COVID Work Safe-and-Clean” training program. A record of each employee’s program completions should be stored and be available if requested.

The downloading and use of the Hand Hygiene Australia “Business Certification” certificate does not establish any binding or legal obligations on behalf of Hand Hygiene Australia.

Work Safe-and-Clean Business Certificate

Please download this file and add your business/organisation name to the certificate if all your employees have completed the HHA Work Safe-and-Clean training program.

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Work Safe-and-Clean Business Certificate Example

An example of a certificate ready to be displayed.

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