Hand Hygiene Compliance Database

The Hand Hygiene Compliance Database has been developed for organiastions to conveniently report their Hand Hygiene Compliance rates.

The Compliance database is for data entry and reporting of all hand hygiene audit data. Data can only be collected and entered by trained and validated hand hygiene auditors. Once auditor training has been completed the trainer is responsible for supplying a personalised login for each auditor to use to enter data.

If you need assistance with your login, please contact the hand hygiene lead for your organisation in the first instance. 

Visit the Instructions page for written instructions for learning how to use the Compliance Database.

Compliance Database - Desktop version

Use Compliance Desktop to enter hand hygiene data that has been collected on paper. If you have administrator access, use Compliance desktop to access reports and administrator functions.

Login to COMPLIANCE Desktop

Compliance Database - Mobile Version

Use Compliance Mobile to enter hand hygiene data in real time as you audit. Compliance Mobile is not an "App"; it is a webpage that can be accessed via the Internet Browser of a mobile device. If using this option to enter data, please ensure you login to begin, and when finished, sync your data and use the 'logout' button on completion to minimise errors.

Please use the below button to access Compliance mobile. 

Login to COMPLIANCE Mobile