Other Audits

Hand Hygiene Australia do not recommend routine hand hygiene compliance auditing with the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene audit tool as an outcome measure in the non-acute, primary care or mental health setting. Other measures may be appropriate in assessing an organisation's hand hygiene program OR may be used in conjuction with hand hygiene compliance auditing when key issues are identified. A number of assessment tools are available below which can be used or modified as desired. 

Product availabilty audit

This tool should be used to assess whether hand hygiene products are available in all areas where required for safe care of patients, and for required hand hygiene for staff, patients and visitiors.


Product availability survey for staff

This tool should be used for staff feedback on hand hygiene product placement. Can your staff access the hand hygiene products they need in all situations where they require it? Often the staff perception of product availability can be different to the "product availability audit". This survey can highlight areas where products may not be situated easily for staff to access and use.


Competency Checklist for Hand Hygiene Technique

A checklist to assess if hand hygiene products are being applied appropriately


Client Survey of Hand Hygiene

This tool is designed to give to appropriate patients/clients to provide feedback on patient perception of staff hand hygiene practices.