Healthcare Worker Type Categories

Healthcare Worker CodesType of Healthcare workerExtended Definition
N Nurse/Midwife All nurses – RN, Div 1, Div 2/EN, Midwives, Agency Staff, Domiciliary nurses, Psychiatric
DR Medical Practitioner All doctors – Consultants, Registrars, Residents, Interns, Visiting Consultants, GPs
PC Personal Care Staff PSA, AIN, PCW, wardsman, orderly, warders, ward/nursing assistants
AH Allied Health Care Worker  Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Dieticians, Speech Pathologists, Radiographers, Pharmacists, P&O, Allied Health Assistants, Podiatrists, Music/Play therapists, Audiologists, Plaster technicians, ECG technicians
AC Administrative and Clerical Staff Ward clerks, admissions officers
BL Invasive Technician  Phlebotomists, Dialysis technicians
D Domestic Staff engaged in the provision of food and cleaning services, maintenance people
SDR Student Doctor  
SN Student Nurse/Midwife  
SAH Student Allied Health  
SPC Student Personal Care  
O Other  Persons not categorised elsewhere
AMB Ambulance Ambulance workers, patient transport
DO Dentist All dentists, specialist dentists
DT Dental Therapists Dental therapists, dental hygienist, dental prosthetist, oral health therapists
DA Dental Assistant Dental assistant, dental nurse
DL Dental Technicians Dental technician, laboratory staff (no patient contact)
SDO Student Dentist  
SDT Student Dental Therapists  
SDA Student Dental Assistant/Dental Nurse  
SDL Student Dental Technicians/Laboratory staff (no patient contact)  


department Type Categories

Department TypeFurther Definitions
Acute Aged Care Unit providing predominantly acute geriatric medical care
Ambulatory Care Out-patient clinic/treatment
Critical Care Unit Includes Coronary Care, Adult and Paediatric Intensive Care Units, High Dependency Unit
Emergency Department Purposely designed and equipped area with designated assessment, treatment and resuscitation areas.
Ability to provide resuscitation, stabilisation and initial management of all emergencies.
Availability of medical staff in the hospital 24 hours a day.
Designated emergency department nursing staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and a designated emergency department nursing unit manager.
Emergency Services  
Long-term Care Includes residential care for adults and children, and transition wards for  patients awaiting long-term care placement
Maternity Delivery suite, maternity ward
Medical Includes dermatology, neurology, respiratory etc
Mental Health  
Neonatal Care  Includes Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Nursery
Oncology/Haematology Unit Includes Day Oncology
Other If not defined within the other categories
Paediatrics Children’s Wards of Non-paediatric hospitals
Peri-operative Includes pre-operative units, theatre and recovery/post-anaesthesia care unit
Radiology/Radiation Oncology Medical imaging, including nuclear medicine and interventional radiology units, radiation oncology
Renal Includes dialysis
Sub Acute Includes rehab, geriatric evaluation and management
Surgical General and specialty surgical wards, including orthopaedics, neurosurgery, urology, ENT, opthalmology etc
Transplantation Unit