FAQs - Auditing

Yes you can audit in single rooms, it may take a little longer than multi-bed rooms, but is certainly possible.  You must ensure you position yourself to be able to see all movement into and out of that room, the hand hygiene products and the care being given to the patient .

Your hand hygiene lead should communicate clearly with each auditor the expected number of moments to audit, per person or per area.


If you are trained to assist in an emergency situation, put your auditing equipment away and assist.  If you are not trained to assist, step aside and leave your auditing for another time, or move to another area to audit.  Patient safety always comes first.

The hand hygiene auditor role differs between organisations, depending on the experience and knowldege of the individual auditor. However, HHA strongly recommend that auditors do not just audit, but are an integral part of the hand hygiene team. Suggested roles for an "auditor" are:

  • Auditing
  • Education
  • Promotion
  • Assist with data review and planning of improvement strategies based on audit results